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Playing our part in realising our partner’s true potential.



To produce quality outcomes, delivered in an extremely practical form, such that our partners can promptly benefit from their investment.

ABOUT:  practical consulting group

We are a professional and passionate consulting practice, who delivers very practical outcomes and solutions, of which our clients can begin to benefit from immediately.

We consider our clients to be our partners. We believe that by truly partnering, we can create the best foundation for success. Working together in partnership, we can then create dynamic solutions and outcomes, that will help you to achieve your goals; quickly and efficiently.

With our own network of professional partners across Australia and New Zealand, each bringing their own expertise, skills and knowledge to ensure that we deliver for our partners, the most-informed, leading-edge and contemporary solutions.

If you have a challenge, we would love to see what we can do to help. Better still, if you have an opportunity, let's work together to bring out it's true potential.


ABOUT:  darren keenan

                principal consultant


Darren turns strategy into reality, practically. He is passionate about developing creative solutions, which brings about positive outcomes.

In a professional career of over 20 years, Darren has worked across Australia and New Zealand, with and/or for corporate/commercial, government (all tiers), service agencies, community organisations, not-for-profit sector and member associations.


He has a strong multi-sector background:


     -  Engagement (community & stakeholder)
     -  Local Government
     -  Business Management Consulting
     -  Health
     -  Education
     -  Not-for-Profit and Member Associations
     -  Community Organisations
     -  Training development, delivery and management
     -  Marketing and Communications
     -  Information Technology
     -  Small Business, Retail, Wholesale and Distribution


Darren holds a degree in IT, certificate 4 in training and assessment, advanced certificate in engagement, and a certificate in public participation. 


In his community, Darren currently holds several roles, including Chairperson of local hospital board, Deputy Chairperson of school governing council, Executive Officer of agricultural board, and is a Justice of the Peace. 

Further information about Darren at LinkedIn.


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