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about the trainer / facilitator

darren keenan


With a broad background including local government, health, education, agriculture, business/commercial, not-for-profit, member-based organisations and community groups, he has a wealth of experiences to draw from.


At Practical Consulting Group, Darren is our Principal Consultant. He brings a wealth of knowledge about community and stakeholder engagement, using that knowledge to develop practical solutions for our client partners.


Formerly of IAP2 Australasia, where he lead the Practice and Professional Development portfolios, he has a wealth of experience across Australia and New Zealand, having worked with some of the world’s leading practitioners and trainers.


With senior local government experience in communications, engagement and marketing, Darren understands the need for governance, systems and processes, whilst ensuring that engagement accessible to all stakeholders.


Darren remains committed to delivering leading professional development solutions. His formal training includes:


  • Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment

  • Advanced Certificate in Engagement (IAP2A)

  • Certificate in Engagement (IAP2A)

  • Certificate in Public Participation (IAP2)


In his private life, Darren is the Presiding Member of his local Health Advisory Council, Justice of the Peace and is committed to making his community a great place for all to live and achieve their life goals.


His sessions are highly interactive, participatory and always include the compulsory opportunity for a laugh.

Darren Keenan TP_sm.png

Darren is an experienced trainer, facilitator and community engagement practitioner. Formerly a licensed trainer for IAP2 Australasia, the leading professional organisation for community engagement practitioners and practice, he lives and breathes engagement. He communicates at all levels, and prides himself in making complex matters understandable for all.

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