We partner with amazing people, experts in their own fields. Through collaboration, we can add significant expertise, experience and resources, ensuring our partners have the best people working with them and for them.

Nina Sochon

Nina creates high-performing distributed teams.
She shows CEOs and senior executives how organisations need to rethink flexible work styles to succeed in both the here and now and the future of work. 
Nina established and led the cutting-edge strategy team that delivered major steps towards the Australian Government’s goal to double the number of people who work from home.


Practical Consulting Group has consulted Dapco from the very beginning — and we’re happy to be partners for many years to come! We’re never one and done, and always keep tabs with our clients.


Shorted approached us for consultation on how to transition from a small, local business to a regional business. Learn more about Shorted and how they’re making huge strides in the industry.


After many years in the industry, Dapco asked us to consult them on how to transition their business into a new market. Check Dapco out online to see our success!



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