When people think community/stakeholder engagement, I want them to already be thinking IAP2


                -  best practice

                -  best professionals

                -  best member experience


My promise is to work hard to bring this vision into reality across the globe, supporting all members in all locations.


Your vote will give me the opportunity to deliver.



International Association for Public Participation

The opportunity as I see it....

IAP2 has strong recognition in the community and stakeholder engagement (public participation) space. However, many outside of our family don't know who we are, what we stand for, and the very important roles that we play in our communities, everyday.

We have the opportunity to further develop and be the international leaders of the best practice community and stakeholder engagement.


Many talk about best practice - what does that mean? Let's have IAP2 further define it (frameworks, models etc), show how to deliver it (professional development) and most importantly continue to develop our base of professionals so that they get the recognition that other professions gain.


We (IAP2) are a member-based organisation, with affiliates across the world. Members are and must always be at the core of what we do. We must support the practice by continuing to develop and innovate the thinking behind what we do (best practice). We must provide members with benefits that support their professional journey in community and stakeholder engagement.


Let's have the best member experience for our members, there are a lot of member organisations out there competiting for their membership $$$'s. It will support their practice, it will sustain our organisation.


In recent years, there has been a lot of excellent work started, and some completed, as part of the international change program. We must finish this work, it is the foundation to the future success of our world-wide professional organisation.

Voting opens

     9 September 2019

Voting closes

     23 September 2019

Results announced

     25 September 2019

Voting information will be sent to members directly by IAP2 Australasia.

Further election information available on IAP2 Australasia website

Why vote for me?

  • Passionate, inclusive and a hard worker

  • Experienced Board Member/Presiding Member and high level of understanding of board workings and governance

  • Experienced community and stakeholder engagement professional

  • Very good understanding of IAP2, IAP2A as member and staffer and trainer

  • Business management experience - critical to underpinning the sustainability and growth of the organisation

  • Member-based association experience - both as board member and executive officer

  • Its fair to say that I am a bit of an IAP2 disciple - the thinkings just made sense to me from day one

  • FINALLY, I believe that everything that IAP2 do, must be done for the Members benefit. 

About me....


I am a community engagement practitoner, trainer, facilitator and business management consultant. I have a passion for leading organisational strategy and change, along with finding voices for the unheard.

My key professional roles are Principal Consultant for my consulting practice, Practical Consulting Group, and General Manager of Strategy & Engagement for ArneTeam.


My background is very broad, with experience in local government, health, education, agriculture, information technology, business, member-based organiastions and not-for-profits. I have served on multiple boards and currently hold the role of Presiding Member of my local Health Advisory Council. 

Previously, I lead the professional development and practice development portfolios at IAP2 Australasia, working with the board, members and trainers across Australia and New Zealand.

I am a current licensed trainer for IAP2 Australasia and serve on the trainer selection panel for IAP2 International.

Privately, I am married to Kathy (teacher) and have three children, Joshua, Chloe and Charles. 


You can find more about me by browsing my website or by visiting my LinkedIn page.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read about my candidacy for the IAP2 International Board, I welcome your vote for me as an Australasian Director. 


Darren Keenan

Darren Keenan IAP2 International IAP2 Australasia

Board Director #iap2 #communityengagement


If you would like to chat about my Board Director candidacy, please call me on 0428 716 330 (AUS) or +61 428 716 330 (NZ) or email darren.keenan@practicalconsultinggroup.com .

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