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professional development solutions

At Practical Consulting Group, we understand the value of customised or bespoke professional development for your organisation. We develop and deliver customised and bespoke professional development solutions, whether:


  • an adaption of an existing module

  • custom solution to meet your objectives


Some of the advantages of customised solutions include:


  • ability to use organisational policies, procedures, frameworks, toolkits

  • case-studies can be real, sourced from your organisation

  • we can design the delivery around the locations, times and availability of your people

  • opportunity to build in organisational or culture change components

  • opportunity to link our solutions with other subject matter, increasing relevance

  • time spent learning new concepts, rather than reviewing previously delivered material



Our process for customised solutions includes:


  • Meeting/call between Practical Consulting Group and your organisation, involving your key people.

  • Needs analysis completed, along with identification of organisational objectives

  • Practical Consulting Group will then prepare proposal to deliver customised solution

  • Presentation of the proposal to your organisation



At Practical Consulting Group, we can create and deliver material from individual sessions, to a comprehensive annual program of professional development, anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

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