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business success is a program that is designed for new and existing business owners to give themselves the best chance of success.

"It was a great session - you didn't realise you were learning as you went until

Darren pulled it all together at the end" 

participant 04/2021

The program has been specifically designed for flexible delivery, either by module, session, day or ongoing program. Material suits all levels of understanding and learning capacity.

Choose from the following sessions/modules:

  • What is Business?

  • Know your Business

  • Business Foundations

  • 2-page Business Plan

  • Budgets and Cash Flow

  • Customer and Clients

  • Products and Services

  • Marketing for Succcess

  • Improving Profitability

  • Employees and Contractors

  • Customer Experience

  • Profit Making

  • Don't forget Digital

  • Customer Engagement

  • customised modules can also be developed

"Provided a lot of clarity for an undertaking I found over whelming"

participant 04/2021

When was the last time that you worked ON your business, rather than IN your business?

202105 PCG Business Success.png

What are participants saying about business success?


  • thought provoking - direct and informative

  • its helping me to use my imagination

  • easy to follow step-by-step process

  • balance of information and interaction

  • professional approach

  • "hands" on experience with some 'practical' to take away

  • informative, knowledgeable, concise, friendly, professional

  • practical - thought provoking

  • from the basics to advanced understanding

  • asked questions that I hadn't thought of

  • breaking down each concept so is easier to understand

  • everyone felt comfortable to share

  • very very practical


"Practical by name AND definitely demonstrated in the session - made perfect sense and very relevant to my business. Will definitely participate in future sessions - very helpful"     Maria Morgan

"Light-bulb moment with cost of acquisition"     Bronwyn Smith

"Lots of ideas, knowledge and interest, openness and discussion and a really good direction from Darren"      Participant

"Exactly the right course at this time of my life, thank you"     Participant

"It has been very adaptable to each person's situation"     Participant

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