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Community & Stakeholder Engagement is important; just ask your community and stakeholders.


At Practical Consulting Group we support our clients, utilising industry leading practice, principles and methods, to develop, plan and deliver high quality engagement processes that delivers results and meets organisational objectives and community expectations.


Our projects include both one-off facilitations, to comprehensive engagement programs over the life-cycle of a project or initiative. We work across Australia and New Zealand.


Good quality engagement processes:


  • Provides a voice for all stakeholders

  • Builds relationships and trust

  • Can engender support for projects

  • Identifies solutions and alternatives

  • Builds capacity; both organisation and community

  • Mitigate or removes risks


Call Practical Consulting Group for a no-obligation chat about your next project, and lets explore the possibilities together.

Why Practical Consulting Group for engagement solutions?

  • Industry leading practice

  • IAP2 principles

  • Bespoke approaches

  • Highly qualified

  • Previous success

Our lead practitioner, Darren Keenan is formerly of IAP2 Australasia,

where he lead the Professional and Practice Development portfolios,

he remains involved with the peak association for community engagment


  • Licensed IAP2 Australasia Trainer

  • IAP2 Australasia Mentor

  • IAP2 Federation Trainer Selection Panel Member

Darren Keenan TP_sm.png
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