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Strategic Planning Session #2 - American River Town Hall (3 June 2021)

Thank you to everyone that attended the American River Community Community Hall, 3 June 2021 for our second drop-in/workshop.


At this session we checked in on:

     -  Vision for American River

     -  What strategic objectives that people wanted for the township

     -  Proposed timeline, who was responsible and who would pay (this created great conjecture at times)

Current Step

We release the DRAFT American River Strategic Plan 2021-2026 (click link to download) for your consideration.

FEEDBACK:  We are really interested in your thoughts, please let us know via the survey.  

Survey will be available for approximately 2 weeks, closing on 2 July 2021. Your thoughts are important, dont forget to leave us some feedback.

Next Steps

After the survey results have been considered, the FINAL DRAFT American River Strategic Plan 2021-2026 will be completed and presented by Darren Keenan or Practical Consulting Group to ARPA via a open meeting (hope that you will be able to join us).

Final Feedback

The following was received via the survey and direct emails, as feedback to the DRAFT plan.

Final Feedback

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