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community engagement

professional development

We deliver a wide range of community engagement professional development solutions, all able to be customised to your organisational objectives.

Our sessions are highly interactive and participatory, which is well balanced with presentation of valuable information. Participants are urged to leave no question unanswered and we will send everybody home with something that they can do tomorrow to improve their engagement practice. 

Practical Engagement Fundamentals.png

practical engagement


Designed to support all members of an organisation on their community engagement journey regardless of their previous experience, providing for all participants to reach a common understanding of engagement principles and practice.

Practical Engagement for Managers.png

practical engagement

for managers

Perfect session for supporting managers and team-leaders of engagement professionals or projects. Internal engagement is defined and explored in this session.

Practical Engagement for Leaders.png

practical engagement

for leaders

We recognise that Executives, Senior Managers and Decision Makers (including Elected Members) makers are busy people. Designed to facilitate leaders, whilst exercising their leadership and decision-making duties, to recognise the practice of engagement in their roles.

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professional development solutions

At Practical Consulting Group, we understand the value of customised or bespoke
professional development for your organisation. Whether an adaption of an existing module or a custom solution to meet sepcific objectives - we can help.

Darren Keenan TP_sm.png

about the trainer / facilitator

darren keenan

Darren is an experienced trainer, facilitator and community engagement practitioner. He is a licensed trainer for IAP2 Australasia, the leading professional organisation for community engagement practitioners and practice.   {read more}

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